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between clouds and screen-savers

Our understandings of the world are shaped by technologies of perception. Images, scans, sensor data — these are the media that determine our view of nature and the cosmos. Such media are never purely representational, but always entangled with notions of measurement and epistemology. The artists in Between Clouds and Screensavers recalibrate these forms. Instead of focusing on defined points, they allow for indeterminacy and poetry, exceeding what the media was initially intended for. Works in this exhibition range from personal diagrams of cosmic phenomenon to simulations using the mathematical principles found in the formation of rivers.

Between Clouds and Screensavers asks what can these functional images provide when they are recalibrated? What do these hybrid forms sense? and How do they enable us to see differently?

Artists: Sara Ludy (US), Leah Beeferman (US), Lisa Sammut (AU), Therese Keogh (AU), Alex Last (AU/NL)

Curated by Oliver Hull


15 Quarry Street, Fremantle, 6160


6 - 9pm, Sunday 14 April, 2019


By appointment,

15 April - 31 May, 2019 

During the exhibition period an online television station was in operation, with works screened hourly at

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